An Unexpected End

This poem was written as a bit of a slam poem about a relationship that abruptly ended. I have not previously written slam poetry, so it might flow weird. I hope you enjoy– KW

can you pinpoint the moment

that your heart last broke

and you almost started laughing

because it’s got to be a joke

i mean you go from being friends

to being lovers so fast

that your head is still spinning

when he firmly asks

if you’re sure you want to do this

because its sex and not love

and he doesn’t want to hurt you

(but maybe he does)

because you keep on getting closer

then he pushes you away

because unlike the last girl

you actually want to stay

and he says he’s bad at dating

he can’t quite commit

and then he asks to meet your parents

but it’s all bullshit

because he decides that he can’t do this

that it just went too far

but all you can think of

is riding in his car

half-drunk, screaming songs

like its 2009

and you’re still fucking kids

not grown and dead inside

he was supposed to be different

but then you fought

and haven’t spoke

and that’s the awful moment

that your heart last broke.

A Reminder to Myself

My waist is shaped
By strong ribs
That house a
Stronger heart.
It it as small
As it will ever, ever be.

These are things that I cannot change.

My fingers are
Even after years of
Piano lessons
That swore
Bones will stretch
To fit your fancy.

These are things that I cannot change.

My thighs were
Carefully painted
By Titian,
Sturdy enough to hold
All the woman I am
Meant to be.

I do not always see their artistry,
Forged so far from
Mother Italy,
But I was purposefully
Lovingly made,

And these are things that I cannot change.