Greetings from a tired mind

sometimes the way forward is the way back

Hello, I’m Katherine, and welcome to my newest creative venture. I would call myself a recent college graduate, but the truth is that I’ve been out of that world for almost a year now. I meant to dive right back in to academia, but full-time graduate school, an internship, and a soul-sucking part time job in customer service hell took a combined toll on me. I’m not going to make excuses for myself; I didn’t put in nearly enough effort to my courses, and by the time I realized that I had been seriously slacking, it was too late to get caught up. I half-assed what assignments I could motivate myself to do, and I ultimately gave up and took a leave of absence. I told myself (and my adviser for that matter) that I would come back, fresh and focused in the fall. Who was I kidding, though? The new branches of self-doubt that had sprouted in the fall have only grown and flowered in the time I have spent out of school. Even if I go back to school, I’m certainly not going back for the same subject. A few months space won’t make the books more exciting, or the assignments more clear. It won’t give me the years of relevant work experience my peers had, or a more applicable undergraduate degree. All I have is some regret and a little more debt.

So where do we go from here? In a life that has been plagued with uncertainty, I have always known that I could write. I spent four years in central New York on the collegiate carousel, grasping desperately for the golden ring. I came close, but I never really got a firm grip on it. I figure that this website could be another shot at that elusive prize. If you choose to join me on this ride, I thank you.

All my love,

Katherine Wheel

Author: Katherine Wheel

Katherine is a twenty-something year old writer from Greater Boston who is just trying to navigate adulthood. When she isn't writing, she enjoys going to concerts, painting, and spending time with her loved ones.

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